Primary DNS Server
Alternate DNS Server
Domain Name sptc.net
Incoming Mail (IMAP) webmail.sptc.net
Outgoing Mail webmail.sptc.net
Port (incoming) 993
Port (outgoing) 465
Security Type SSL
Email Address your_user_name@sptc.net
Technical Questions support@sptc.net
Billing Questions sptc.customer.service@sptc.net
Web Site Information support@sptc.net
General Information sptc.customer.service@sptc.net
Technical Help (806)763-2301

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South Plains Telephone Cooperative
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM, Tel: (806) 763-2301 
Email: support@sptc.net
2425 Marshall St.  Lubbock, TX  79415